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Welcome to Vehicle Wrapping: Manchester Signage. Based in Worsley, Manchester we are a company which caters for both commercial and private customers in Manchester, Stockport, Altrincham, Cheadle, Bolton, Rochdale and the surrounding areas. This includes work such as full printed wraps for large commercial fleets of vans up and down the country, through to a full colour change car wrap on a prestige car.

With our fast, efficient service, along with our outstanding attention to detail we have been able to create a fantastic reputation in Manchester and the surrounding area. We can help make your ideas a reality using our design skills and the best materials available in the industry. We can transform any vehicle into a one off, eye catching vehicle which will definitely get you noticed in Manchester. Give us a call on 0800 118 2318 to discuss how we can help you stand out from the crowd.


We offer a wide range of bespoke vehicle wrapping solutions throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas, including Bolton, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stockport, Hyde and Warrington, from vehicle graphic design installation to manufacturing and fitting the end product. There are a number of ways to capture the attention of your target audience with vehicle signage, such as a full vehicle wrap or full colour change wrapping if you want your vehicle to stand out more. This type of full vehicle signage will give your vehicle maximum impact when it’s out on the roads. Full vehicle wraps allow us to be creative as possible with the graphic design process, as the vehicle wrap is fully printed. This means we can use images, gradients and all kinds of dramatic designs to catch the eye of any new potential customers.

Full printed vehicle wraps can be utilized on all kinds of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, trailers, buses and coaches, so no matter what vehicle you have, we can give it the wow factor! All of our full printed wraps can be easily removed from the vehicle if your car or van is due to be returned at the end of a lease, without leaving any marks or signs that the vehicle has had a full wrap. We also specialise in taxi or black cab wrapping and advertising.



At Manchester Signage, we also offer vehicle livery. We vinyl cut company logos, company details and a little bit about the services your company offers. This is a great cost effective way to brand a fleet of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks and buses or coaches.

Along with vinyl cut vehicle livery on the van or car we can also create contour cut printed images of things like company products, company staff or company premises to give the car or van more of an impact while out and about in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

A combination of both vehicle livery and printed contour cut images on a fleet of vans or cars has a massive impact and can help people begin to recognise your brand locally. Our creative, bespoke designs can help your company stand out from your competition and even boost your enquiries for business in Manchester.

Our vehicle livery can also be easily removed from the vehicle if the vehicle is due to be returned at the end of a lease, without leaving any marks or signs that it had any livery on.

So if you want to make your vehicle stand out more, call the experts at Manchester Signage on 0800 118 2318, and see how we can help you make an impression with your vehicle.

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Another very popular type of vehicle wrapping is to fully change the colour of your vehicle. This does two things, it allows you to get you company brand out there and also protects the vehicle against scratches. This is referred to in the signage industry as a full colour change vehicle wrap and is highly effective. We carry out this process for a company called Excalon based and operate in Salford which has over 300 vehicles. We carry out full vehicle wraps on all of their vans and trucks and other plant equipment. The impact when out on the road in Salford is massive as every few minutes you see one of their turquoise vans or trucks drive passed. You can find images of these full colour change car, vans and trucks on the main vehicle signage page of the website. On top of the full colour change vehicle wrap we can then add on company vehicle livery and images to personalise the full colour change wrap to the company.


We supply and fit fully legal Chapter 8 reflective chevron kits for the rear of vehicles all pre made ready to be applied without any cutting. This is very important because if the process is not carried out in this was you may be left with marks on the vehicles when the chevron are removed.


The design process couldn’t be simpler and in most cases can be done over emails and phone calls without having the need for you to take the time to come down personally to go through the design. Firstly we ask the customer to send over by email any information they would like on the car, van, truck or bus/coach, along with a brief for the design, any high resolution images they may want going onto the design and the vehicle details. We will then using our vehicle design program use the correct vehicle diagram to produce a full design on the vehicle and submit a proof to the customer via email so the customer can have a look at it and either say yes please go ahead with this or let us know any changes they would like. This way the customer can tailor the design to look exactly how they want it to look on the car, van or truck. Other ways to catch the eye of potential customers is to use different types of material finishes such as a matt finish, metallic finish, high gloss finish, textured finish or fluorescent finished to capture people’s imagination.


The manufacture process is all done in house at our base in Walkden in Manchester. We manufacture it all here from full printed wraps to vinyl cut vehicle livery and we only use the very best products on the vehicle signage market. All vinyl cut livery and printed wraps are prepared before the vehicle arrives with us to cut down the time the vehicle is here with us to a minimum.


We make the fitting process as simple and easy as possible for the customer. If the customer has a premises that they can fit the vehicle in with enough space around it to do the job that is dry, warm and dust free we can fit most of the vehicle wrap designs on site. If the customer would prefer to bring the vehicle to us here in Walkden in Manchester we have a fitting bay set up especially for vehicle livery and vehicle wraps. Our local, skilled vehicle wrappers finish all vehicle graphics, car signs and van signs to exceptional standards and all material used are of the highest quality. This combination allows for a professional finish of the car, van, truck and bus/coach graphics or vehicle wrap and also a long lasting advertisement on the roads in and around Manchester.


Vehicle wrapping is a marketing tool that is easy, affordable, durable, and makes your brand recognisable to a far-reaching audience. Here at Vehicle Wrapping Manchester, having spent years helping businesses decorate their cars, vans, trucks and boats with eye-catching and impactful imagery designed to leave a positive, lasting impression on potential customers who won’t be able to help but to engage with your brand, and want to find out more.


There’s no question: vehicle wrapping is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available to you as a business owner. Studies have shown that vehicle wrapping has a cheaper cost per impact than most forms of traditional advertising such as billboards, radio, and more. Unlike these other forms of advertising, there are no recurring costs involved in branding your vehicle with wrapping.

There’s just one cost involved in applying vehicle wrapping, and once you’ve paid you are in complete control. You can remove and change your wrapping as frequently as you please, suited to your changing needs. Vehicle wrapping can last up to 5 years and still look great, so you can get long-term advertising for a single payment, spending a fraction of the amount that you would on other advertising campaigns.


It can be difficult to get noticed as a small or new business in a busy area like Manchester, but adding some vehicle wrapping to your ongoing advertising is a great way to put yourself out there. Vehicle wrapping can boost your brand name recognition by up to 15 times more than other forms of outdoor advertising such as billboards. Out on the road, nobody notices a plain van or car, but a colourful, attractive and professional design will grab people’s attention.

Competition is high, and vehicle wrapping is a chance for you to benefit from some memorable local branding to stand out in your area. You’re most often going to be out and about in the same area that you live and work in, so that’s where you’re going to get maximum exposure. It’s a great way to start building a reputation, because word of mouth is essentially free advertising. If your design stands out, people will talk about it, and if your vehicle is parked on the road outside a customer’s house for hours while you work, people will see it. And if you did a good job, their neighbours will probably hear about it too!


Don’t overlook the benefits wrapping can have in protecting your vehicle. Wrapping will protect your vehicle’s paintwork from scratches, chipping, and the wear and tear of everyday use while it’s applied. When removed, your vehicle will have a fresh and new look, potentially increasing the resale value.

Aside from this, there’s also evidence that vehicle wrapping protects you from thieves. While having your brand and business on your vehicle gives potential thieves an idea of what might be in your car or van, having your contact details and logo makes it far more recognisable if stolen. The effort and cost of having to have the vehicle resprayed will deter thieves.


With our experience and excellent design skills, Vehicle Wrapping Manchester can create a unique design to suit your advertising needs. Whether you’re looking for a bold and dramatic look, or something more subtle and sleek, we can decorate your vehicles with professional, eye-catching designs of high quality and high visual impact. If you’re interested in our vehicle wrapping and livery servicescall us today on 0800 118 2318. Let’s get your business noticed.


We offer a wide range of vehicle wrapping services, including:


If you’re looking to grab peoples’ attention as you roam the roads, look no further than a full printed vehicle wrap. This involves a full wrap across your entire vehicle using a bold and beautiful design that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Using our high-quality design skills, we take your brief and bring it to life. We only use top-quality printing materials and manufacturing processes, so you can rely on a premium finish that conveys professionalism to your potential customers. We pride ourselves on our close attention to detail and ensuring we achieve our customer’s vision. Our full printed vehicle wraps are guaranteed to grab peoples’ attention and produce maximum impact while helping to generate enquiries for your business. They can be carried out on a variety of vehicles, from cars and vans to trucks, buses and trains.


If you’re looking for something more subtle than a full printed vehicle wrap, a half or partial vehicle wrap can still deliver a desired impact at a more affordable price. A half vehicle wrap only covers a portion of your vehicle with a design, pattern, colour, logo or information about your company without wrapping the whole vehicle. Compared to a full printed vehicle wrap, a partial vehicle wrap is naturally cheaper, quicker and easier. It involves a faster turnaround time, meaning you can get your vehicle back on the road and your beautiful design in front of peoples’ eyes sooner than later. A partial vehicle wrap can be carried out on a variety of vehicles. It’s a popular option amongst businesses who own a large fleet of commercial vehicles and are looking to boost their branding with vehicle wrapping, but want to keep their costs low.


With the mass of white commercial vans on our country’s roads, it can be hard for your commercial vehicle to stand out. With our full colour change vehicle wrapping, however, your fleet of vans are sure to catch the eye. A full colour change vehicle wrap involves wrapping your entire van, car or truck in one colour to give it a fresh and bold look. Some of our customers wrap their vehicles in their specific company brand colour. Using our specialist vehicle livery service, we can add your logo, text, images or any other designs on top of the vehicle wrap to bolster your promotional efforts. We can also fit Chapter 8 rear chevrons on your van to comply with all highways agency and health and safety regulations. As an added bonus, full colour change vehicle wrapping protects your vehicle’s paintwork from scratches and scrapes. Full colour change vehicle wrapping is ideal for businesses that have a large fleet of vans, as it gives them a consistent, uniformed look that enhances your branding.


Vehicle wrapping transforms an otherwise ordinary vehicle into a powerful mobile promotional tool. A sleek design with strong colours can catch the eye, turn heads and grab peoples’ attention, helping you stand out from the competition and generate more enquiries for your business. Vehicle wrapping is an effective marketing tool that requires minimal effort. By branding your vans or trucks, you’re able to hone in on your target demographic simply by driving through the areas you cover. So when you’re driving from one job to another, vehicle wrapping is actively working to secure more. Vehicle wrapping also offers cost-effective benefits. Our service is long-lasting, low-maintenance and can be easily removed without leaving a trace, making it ideal for leased vehicles that need to be returned after a certain number of years. Vehicle wrapping is suitable for a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, trailers, taxis and black cabs, boats and machinery vehicles. We can wrap single vehicles or fleets of vans. Our bespoke service is tailored to your needs and budget.


When looking for vehicle signage, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals. Vehicle wrapping is a highly technical craft, and if you don’t do it properly, it will only make your business look sloppy and amateurish. Lucky for you, Vehicle Wrapping Manchester are the experts when it comes to vehicle wrapping. We offer an efficient, reliable and high-quality vehicle wrapping service. Our top-of-the-line materials, design skills and fitting process allows us to bring your brief to life with a premium and professional finish. Having worked with a wide range of vehicles across the North West, we’ve built up a reputation that we’re proud of and always strive to maintain. Whether you’re looking for a full printed wrapping, a full colour change or a partial wrapping, Vehicle Wrapping Manchester can level up your vehicle’s visual identity and help to boost your bottom line. If you’re looking for a professional and effective vehicle wrapping service, get in touch with us on 0800 118 2318 or at

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Couldn’t of asked for a better service, John and his team designed and wrapped our fleet of vans to a very high standard in such a short space of time. Excellent service and really polite staff.

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