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Commercial Vehicle & Van Wrapping Manchester

Commercial vehicle or van wrapping is a great way to get your company or brand out there and get it noticed in Manchester. With a great design on the right vehicle we can create a massive, high impact visual that you can’t help but notice as it passes you by in the Manchester area.

Commercial vehicle wrapping can be as extensive as a full printed wrap with images, gradients and company details, or it could be a simple, subtle design like a colour change wrap in company colours with your logo on it. We can also provide full or half wraps, (which only cover part of the vehicle) depending on your style, vision and budget. With commercial vehicle wrapping, the options are truly endless. We can take your ideas and make them a reality using our design skills and the highest quality vehicle wrapping materials available.

There are a variety of different types of commercial vehicle wrapping we can carry out, each with their own specific advantages. We can advise you on the right type of wrapping for you or your organisation based on the size of your fleet, the type of company you have, your creative vision and budget. Vehicle wrapping is a fantastic option for many of our customers as it is long lasting and makes them stand out, as well as protecting the original paintwork of the car from bumps, scratches and chips.

Full Printed Van Wrap

A full printed car wrap is one of the boldest and most noticeable types of vehicle signage. It involves a full wrap, with a beautifully designed bold print across the entire vehicle. This can be carried out on a variety of vehicles to make sure you’re standing out on the busy roads of Manchester.

We carried out a full printed vehicle wrap fitted to a Ford KA, which is a very small car. This printed vehicle wrap is a great example of how we listen to our customers brief and put together a creative design which will definitely capture the attention of any potential customers passing it by in Manchester! We created this wrap in line with the customer’s creative vision, which was then built upon by our experienced team of designers and fitters to create a product that we could be proud of and that would make a difference to the customer and their business. These type of printed wraps can be applied to cars, vans, trucks and boats.


Couldn’t of asked for a better service, John and his team designed and wrapped our fleet of vans to a very high standard in such a short space of time. Excellent service and really polite staff.

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Half Or Partial Van Wrap

Half or partial vehicle wraps are a more affordable alternative to a full wrap, while still remaining eye catching and making sure your branding can be seen by a wider audience. Half wraps can be carried out on many different vehicle types, and cover part of the car with a pattern, colour, logo or information about the company, without wrapping the whole car. This means that not only are half wraps more affordable, they are also easy for our experienced team to carry out very quickly, meaning that you can get back on the road as soon as possible, to show off your new branding.

This project is an example of a more cost effective commercial vehicle wrapping solution, to enable customers to get a larger number of vehicles branded while keeping costs low. This type of vehicle wrap is known in the industry as a half or partial vehicle wrap. These are very popular with companies that have a large fleet of vehicles to brand but still want to make a big impact on the roads while out and about in Manchester.

This particular design was sent to us by a new chauffeur driving company operating in Bolton called Ecars, which had acquired a fleet of new full electric Nissan Leaf vehicles, and needed branding. Ecars main objective with this company branding design was to get themselves and their brand noticed and for the name Ecars to get more visibility and recognition out there on the roads.

They decided on one of the brightest green wrap colours available, to make sure their vehicles catch the eye of any potential customers, and so that people in need of a taxi and their customers could clearly see them arriving.

The great thing with a half or partial wrap vehicle is that they are more affordable than full wraps, as well as the speed that we are able to turn them around and get them ready to go on the road and start being noticed. These vehicles were being delivered to us from the Nissan dealership at nine in the morning, were treated by us and then collected by Ecars, wrapped and ready for 3.30pm the same day. This meant that Ecars were able to get their cars on the road as soon as possible, which was, of course, vital to their business.

Full Colour Change Van Wrap

Full colour change wraps are fantastic to get you noticed and create a consistent brand for your company when people see you out on the roads. A full colour change vehicle wrap is carried out over the whole vehicle to give it a consistent, fresh and bold colour change. We can also add vehicle livery on top of full colour wraps to add more information or logos to your vehicles. Full colour change wraps are perfect for larger fleets as a distinctive colour can help improve brand recognition when people see your vehicles. They also help protect your vehicle from scratches and scrapes to the paintwork after it’s been installed.

We recently carried out a series of full colour change wraps to a fleet of white commercial vehicles, so that they are wrapped in the company colours, with company branding designed and added on top. This is a great way to get your company brand out and about in Manchester.

We carried out all the vehicle wrapping for a large company called Excalon, a major infrastructure contractor based in Salford with a fleet of over 300 vehicles. This method of branding is very effective for this company, as they have so many vehicles fully colour change wrapped that, after working with us, it is highly unlikely you can drive for a few minutes through the Salford area without seeing one of their fleet cars, vans or trucks. The full colour wrap helps make their vehicles stand out among other vehicles on the roads, and their branding is clear and easy to read, ensuring that people on the roads remember the company name.

All of their fleet vehicles are also fitted with Chapter 8 rear chevrons to comply with all highways agency and health and safety rules while their employees are working on high-profile projects across the Salford and Manchester area.

Take a look at our gallery below to see some of the commercial vehicle wrapping projects we’ve worked on, or contact us to find out more about our vehicle wrapping services and how we can help make you and your company stand out on the streets of Manchester today.