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Full Car Colour Change Wrapping Manchester


Here at Vehicle Wrapping Manchester we have been colour change car wrapping for a long time now. We have all the skills and a variety of material variations to help make your car stand out from the crowd. We are a Manchester based vehicle wrapping company that has an excellent reputation for quality and design. We pride ourselves on customer service and customer satisfaction from our clients all over Manchester and the North West, including Bolton, Stockport, Bury, Rochdale Warrington and Wigan. We have wrapped cars from small hatchback cars through to a stretched Rolls Royce Phantom.

We have an extensive range of the highest quality wrap materials available in the car wrapping industry. We have experience wrapping cars in gloss, matte, satin, brushed metal and carbon fibre. We take meticulous care when removing and refitting all parts of the car when working on any of our client’s vehicles here at Vehicle Wrapping Manchester. Our full car colour changes are carried out by selected fitters that come to us with solid vehicle technician backgrounds at prestige car companies in and around Manchester.

If you don’t fancy going for a full car wrap, you can also change some selected areas of your car with subtle but effective changes that help to set your vehicle apart from all the other’s out there. By using wrap vinyl, we can change the colour of grills, vents, chrome window surrounds, spoilers, roofs, bonnets, mirrors and interior sections of the vehicle. We can use several different colours on various parts of your car to get the exact colour combinations and textured finishes that you require.


Couldn’t of asked for a better service, John and his team designed and wrapped our fleet of vans to a very high standard in such a short space of time. Excellent service and really polite staff.

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Why Paint When You Can Get A Vehicle Wrap Instead?

Have you got a new car that you couldn’t find in the colour you wanted, meaning you had to settle on a colour you don’t particularly like? Is your car’s paint job scratched and worn and in desperate need of a new lease of life? You might be considering whether or not to give your car a fresh new paint job, but you’re put off by the price. Luckily, here at Vehicle Wrapping Manchester we’ve got a fantastic alternative to painting or spraying your car – a full car colour change vinyl wrap.

There’s no reason to respray your car instead of wrapping it – not only can you get a new, personalised and unique paint job for your car for cheaper, but vinyl wrapping brings with it a range of other benefits too. Want vehicle livery as well as a new look? Give your car a fresh and brand new paint job – without the paint!

A Personalised Look

Over the years, we’ve seen the finish capable of car wraps become more and more pristine and professional. When it’s so much more affordable than a new paint job, more drivers are opting for car wraps to give their car a fresh look with unique designs. Ever wanted to try out a bold pattern or design, but you’re not sure about committing to a full paint job first? Then why not try out a full colour change car wrap instead – you can try out a bespoke and personalised appearance without the commitment or costs.

Are you quite an impulsive person who often finds themselves wishing they could give their car a nice temporary new look? A full colour change vinyl wrap might be the perfect solution!

Protect Your Car

If you spend a lot of time on the road, either commuting on the motorway or just general every day use, then the chances are that you know exactly how vulnerable your car’s paintwork is. Scratches and chips from stones and other general debris are pretty unavoidable. Over time, you’re going to begin to notice the impact that wear and tear has on your car’s look and style.

If you want to eventually sell the vehicle and you’re hoping to retain as much value as possible, a full vinyl wrap can help to protect your paintwork and keep the car in top condition for as long as possible. It will reduce the need to get minor repair work done for scratches and grazes.

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